1. What can Art Promotion do for me?

We provide all the services necessary to manage your total advertising and marketing program while selecting the best tools to achieve accurate results and optimal performance based on our spirit of Creativity & Innovation, and our commitment to deadlines. Depending on your business’s goals, present requirements and know-how, this can include:

  • Analyzing your dilemmas and opportunities
  • Advising effective marketing directions and solutions
  • Website Design and Development
  • Conceiving and producing commercial and visual communication media
  • Using digital technologies to help sell your goods or services by creating an effective strategy to deliver the right messages to the right people.
  • Guaranteeing greatest effectiveness in organizing and purchasing of the right media in which to convey your message
2. What is your process?

We believe that every client deserves a personalized solution that addresses his or her unique situation. Each portfolio is therefore uniquely tailored to the individual's particular circumstances.

3. Can I get a quote?

Yes. In order to view them, you can fill the registration form where you will be able to Login with your name and password. Thus, this will give you an access to what you want and check the available quotations.

4. How can I get a job at Art Promotion?

Our current vacancies/opportunities are listed on our ‘Careers’* section. You can view and/or apply to current job opportunities or sign up for updates to be notified of future opportunities.

5. Where can I find Art Promotion on social media websites?

We’re very social. You can join us on Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

6. Who are some of your clients?

We work with a variety of brands. Creative & devoted, we are an advertising agency with a sense of determined professionalism . You can get a vibe for who we're presently meeting expectations with by simply visiting “Our Work” section of the site in Portfolio.

7. Where are you based?

We are in Beirut, Lebanon and we are aiming to grow furthermore. Currently, Beirut is our Home. 

8. How can you be contacted?

Drop us an email or contact us. We’d be pleased to help.