1. Time it takes for a data packet to move across a network connection;
  2.  visible delay between request and display of content and ad.
LBS(Location Based Service)

Mobile data service related to an end user‘s immediate location. Examples include store or service locators and friend finders.

Lead Generation

fees advertisers pay to Internet advertising companies that refer qualified purchase inquiries (e.g., auto dealers which pay a fee in exchange for receiving a qualified purchase inquiry online) or provide consumer information (demographic, contact, and behavioral) where the consumer opts into being contacted by a marketer (email, postal, telephone, fax). These processes are priced on a performance basis (e.g., cost per action, lead or inquiry), and can include user applications (e.g., for a credit card), surveys, contests (e.g., sweepstakes) or registrations.


A clickable connection between two Websites. Formally referred to as a hyperlink.

List server

A program that automatically sends email to a list of subscribers or listserv.