Ad Groups

A group of ads within a Campaign

Advertising agency

An organization that provides a variety of advertising related services to clients seeking assistance in their advertising activities. A full-service (advertising agency) engages in the planning and administration of advertising campaigns, including setting advertising objectives, developing advertising strategies, developing and producing the advertising messages, developing and executing media plans, and coordinating related activities such as sales promotion and public relations. A limited-service (advertising agency) concentrates on one of the major (advertising agency) functions such as developing and producing advertising messages or media plans.


Numeric code used to identify the skill category of a particular position.


Official and personal property needed by the traveler for use en route or immediately upon arrival at destination.


A structured approach for identifying the best practices from industry and government, and comparing and adapting them to an organization’s operations. Such an approach is aimed at identifying more efficient and effective processes for achieving intended results based on outstanding practices of other organizations.