A technology that uses behavioral or physiological characteristics to determine or verify a user’s identity (e.g. hand geometry, retina scan, iris scan, fingerprints, voice print, etc.).


This technology enables seamless voice and data connections between wide ranges of devices through short-range digital two-way radio operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. It is an open specification for short-range communications of data and voice between both mobile and stationary devices.

Branding Implementation Plan

A (Branding Implementation Plan), developed by contractors, describes how the program will be communicated to beneficiaries and promoted to host-country citizens; it outlines the events and materials the contractor will use to deliver the message that the assistance is from the American people.

Branding Strategy

A (Branding Strategy), developed in the case of a contract award by the assistance objective team or requesting office, or in the case of an assistance award by the Apparently Successful Applicant, identifies the program or project name, how the materials and communications will be positioned.

Brochure, pamphlet

These words are often used interchangeably. (Pamphlet) should be used to refer to a printed document of a few pages that does not contain any new Agency policy or procedure. A (brochure) contains several or many pages, and also must not contain any new Agency policy or procedure. Both terms refer to documents that are produced and distributed through a variety of means and may need periodic updating and reprinting for further distribution.